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Information Updated 9.13.07

QualiTV QS1080IR

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QualiTV QS1080IR Front View

QualiTV QS1080IR Front View

QualiTV QS1080IR Back View

QualiTV QS1080IR Back View

QualiTV QS1080IR
high definition c-band satellite receiver.
$699.95 + $14.95 for 48 state shipping.

  • Receives more channels than any other DVB-MPEG free to air receiver or Ku-band / C-band satellite receiver, in both standard and high definition.

  • A high definition television is not required to view all material received with this unit.

  • Unit not only receives AC-3 audio, but can downconvert it for use by regular televisions and VCRs with no external processing required.

  • Optical output for use with Dolby Digital audio receivers if desired.

  • Functional IREdto card slot.

  • Video and audio quality unsurpassed by any other consumer free to air receiver

  • Standard composite, YPbPr component, RGBHV SVGA, and functioning DVI outputs for video.

  • European SCART output connectors are also present.

  • Standard red and white RCA jacks plus optical digital output for audio.

  • Your unit will be loaded with the most recent firmware version available at time of purchase, and will have a viewable channel found and tuned when you take your receiver from it's carton.

  • 1 year warranty by Mech-Tech

  • That is the good, now for the not so good: There is no way to rename satellites. Over 125 sat names are available, but most are for the ones over Europe where this unit was intended for. There is no way to rename channels. Whatever the broadcaster names them is what they are - at least with the current firmware version. There is no way to manually enter PIDs. On some signals that are -both- in HD -and- 4:2:2, there can be a flashing green bar at the very bottom of the picture, about 2 inches high on a 56" screen.

    Functionally identical QS1080IRCI model also in stock. Models differ only in front panel styling and the CI version has a slot for CAM module in addition to the functional single IREdto slot common to both models.

Traxis DBS3500 Blind Search
Digital Receiver

  • Fast and thorough blind search. Typically 5 minutes or less per polarity of each satellite.

  • Fully MPEG2 DVB Compliant

  • Free converting between PAL source and NTSC display

  • User programmable various satellite and transponder information

  • Stores up to 100 satellites/4,000 channels

  • EPG: Display of title and information up to 16 days events

  • Easy and fast software upgrade through RS232 port

  • Multi LNBF control by DiSEqC 1.0/1.2 and 0/22KHz switching

  • SCPC/MCPC receivable from C and Ku band satellite

  • Multi-language: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish

  • Units purchased from Mech-Tech will arrive updated with the latest firmware version, and loaded with every satellite in the US arc. Hundreds of channels already searched and stored.


Chaparral Corotor II+ C/Ku feedhorns with servo.

ADL RP-3 C/Ku feedhorns with servo.

Chaparral Wideband Corotor C/Ku feedhorns with servo. Dielectric
slab factory installed for reception of circularly polarized C-band
signals, as well as standard linear polarized C and Ku signals. Norsat LNBs, various models. I feel they are the best.

Budget LNBs, available for 15 degree C-band or .6dB Ku.

Actuators, various makes and models.

Replacement servo motor kit for Chaparral and other brands.
Includes motor, O-ring, and drive disc. Genuine Chaparral.

2 LNBF bracket. Allows installation of 2 LNBFs on a single offset dish. See for a description. Panamax surge suppressors for big dish installations. Protect LNB cables, telephone line, AC power and dish/feedhorn control wiring. MAX 8 DBS+5 along with the SCL /8 big dish module.

Genuine Chaparral 90 degree C-band waveguides (elbow). Allow installation of
commercial Norsat C-band LNBs on Chaparral feedhorns where the original
waveguide has been lost or discarded. Available bare or with an extra gasket and hardware.

48 state UPS Ground Shipping and Insurance Rates:

Double boxing and 48 state UPS Ground shipping with insurance
is $12.95 on any standard defintion DVB-MPEG receiver.

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